Sudan Meat

SCEPTO is producers and supply Halal Sudanese meat worldwide, our products fulfil quality and Halal requirement. We supply Sudan meat to importers companies, exporters company, supplying companies, distributer companies and wholesales companies.

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About Sudanese Meat

According to the article (*) Sudanese livestock products meet the domestic demand for meat in addition to a substantial excess for export amounting to about 22% of total country exports. Sudanese livestock is characterised by its dependence on natural grazing and its purity from industrial and chemical components. This makes it highly demanded in the international markets. Saudi is also the main importer of Sudanese live sheep and mutton absorbing about 95% of the Sudanese live sheep and mutton export. also, Emirates and Qatar

(*) Babiker Idris Babiker, Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed Abdullah, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Feel, Sudanese live sheep and mutton exports competitiveness, Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences,