About Us

Why Choose Us?

Today, our activities put us at the heart of the global economy. We forge robust connections through our global network, efficient logistics and unparalleled market understanding. Scepto simply and efficiently connect producers, processors and consumers worldwide

Years of Experience


Partnership We strive to partner with key market players to ensure long-lasting rewarding relationship.



We’re committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner throughout our business. We have a suite of sustainability policies and position statements to operate with, and achieve, integrity and honesty.



We value our customers, clients and stakeholders. They are the reason we exist, tussle and grow. We are highly committed to best approaches of Customer Relationship Management CRM. We progressively endeavour to make it happens up to the expectations.



We guarantee the most competitive market rates for comparable quality products, coupled with a sound advice based on decades of experience in the industry. Our guarantee is based on our tested business model; we use direct marketing, and supply chain management resulting in substantial saving that we pass on to our partners. Our guarantee and success are not only based on proven business model, rather on our values of providing our products and services with integrity, commitment to international standards, accountability of completing every order to satisfaction of our partners and respecting their needs and long-term goals.


We have hands-on expertise in our supply chain. Our directors, partners and employees have a deep knowledge in their markets, local relationships, trade risk mitigation, security, delivery and excellent international banking relationships to support the trade processes. We regularly visit the sites where our commodities and supplies originate.



We recognise that how and what we do to achieve our success, is just as important as success itself. Upholding high standards of behaviour is fundamental to the values and culture of Scepto, and central to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Code of Conduct Our Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to “do what is right”, founded on the values and everyday behaviours that build our distinctive culture and setting the standard for what it means to be part of Scepto. 

Responsible Marketing Policy Our goal is to provide marketing communications about food and beverage products that empower consumers to make informed choices that support a balanced and healthy lifestyle 

Position on Human and Labour Rights    As a global leader in food and agriculture, we acknowledge our role and responsibility to ensure respect for human rights in our operations and in our value chains across the world

Fair Employment Policy Our Policy sets out our commitment to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and fairness, and to protecting the rights of staff in our workplaces. It is aligned to our philosophy of Growing Responsibly and is in full compliance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) guiding principles on human rights and labour