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Has positioned itself among the leading trading companies in the supply of water related goods, off grid water supply, water well drilling chemicals and electro mechanical equipment’s and related accessories in Ethiopia since 2013 G.C. We have a vast experience in supplying quality products from reliable manufacturers in Turkey, China & India. We are currently involved in selling generators and pumps which are used in construction companies, government institutions, universities, NGOs, private institutions and households.
Is specialized in importing state of the art technology diesel generator sets for various sectors [For residential applications (5-20Kva), For industrial ranging from (≥20Kva) diesel generating sets and portable generators ranging from (2.2-7kw)] submersible pumps, domestic surface pumps, different kind of cables, water treatment chemicals and drilling chemicals.
We have over 30 well experienced staff which are able to provide professional sales and after sales service. Our vision is to provide quality products & services to make our customers satisfied.

Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority

South Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Water and Irrigation Development Bureau

Bunna International Bank S.C

Tis Isat Water Works Plc

The Amhara National Regional State Water Irrigation And Energy Bureau(AWIEB)

South Water Works Construction Enterprise

Dire Dawa Administration Water Supply & Sewerage Authority

Oromia Drilling Enterprise

Amhara Water Irrigation and Energy Development Bureau

Gambela Catholic Church

Adama Steel Factory

International rescue committee

Norwegian refuge counsel